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Read something in the "What's New" section and wanted to find it again after it was no longer new? Well, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of all previous What's New articles.
Last browser stops Java support Renew your bookmarks to use Java Web Start to play Tantrix.
There's a new Bot in town New robot "Darwin" is the first Bot to play at Master level.
Puzzle app for Android Tantrix Quiz reaches 70.000 downloads.
Tantrix Spaghetti The Tantrix Spaghetti record has been broken by the Dutch.
From Russia with love Compelling Tantrix video released ...in russian.
Tantrix Android App Tantrix Quiz launched on Android.
Rick hits over 300 wins Rick becomes the first person to post 300 wins at Daily Match.
Gold Medal Match Tantrix Match awarded gold medal by Top Toys UK.
Battle of the Bots FullMonte defeats GoodBot to become the best Tantrix playing robot in the world.
World Tantrix Open Péter Kovács wins this year's World Tantrix Table Open.
Forgotten Name Recovery Forgotten your player name? Now we can help.
Blick Meets Tantrix Blick describes how he came to meet Tantrix and how it has changed his life.
iPad app The Tantrix iPad app is available.
World Tantrix Open Niklas Andersson wins the second World Tantrix Open.
Trouble Record Rick Yagodich holds Trouble the mascot for the shortest length of time.
Tantrix in Japan Kanako Suzuki launches Tantrix in Japan.
World Tantrix Open Niklas Andersson wins the first ever World Tantrix Open
Trouble's Blog Introducing a Tantrix Table mascot and his travel blog.
New Grand Master Tamás Gombkötő becomes the second Tantrix player to attain Grand Master status.
Live Elo Ratings Elo page is up to date due to now processing results as they happen.
Game Analysis Tool A new graph has been added to the game analysis page to chart a player's ranking over time.
Junior Ranking New ranking for players under sixteen years of age.
Tantrix Gobble A new game to try, focuses on speed over strategy.
Tantrix Records page A conprehensive list of all records set in tournaments.
Tantrix Daily Match Daily Match puzzles added to the site.
Tantrix Roll Out Tantrix Roll Out competition starts.
Cafe Room Cafe style play arrives at Tantrix.com
Former Tantrix Masters Rankings page of former Tantrix Masters.
New Game Results page The Game Results page is given a facelift to make getting game info easier.
Tantrix Video Clips Watch a few video clips about Tantrix.
Rogues' Gallery Find out about some of the people who play Tantrix.
Time activity table A new table showing when a player is most likely to be playing. Useful for scheduling matches.
Forced Space Notation An explanation on the forced space notation used in the Games Reviewer.

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