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Tantrix has won numerous awards for both the multiplayer game and the solitaire puzzles. The game has gained international recognition for its creativity, educational value and simply that it's fun to play. A leading UK newspaper, "The Independent", listed Tantrix 2nd in its "50 Most Creative Toys". The Paris Toy Fair voted it "Best New Game" and the Discovery was awarded "Puzzle of the Year" in Australia and "Toy of the Year" in Hungary.

  • UK, Top Toys 'Gold Medal', 2011 (Match)
  • Australia, Puzzle of the Year, 2010 (Match)
  • UK, NATLL, Good Toy 'Gold Award', 2003
  • Hungary, Toy of the Year, 2003
  • Sweden, Dagens Nyheter, Best Game, 2003
  • UK, The Independent, 50 Most Creative Toys, 2001
  • Australia, Puzzle of the Year, 2000 (Discovery)
  • Japan, Good Toy Award, 1997
  • Games magazine, Top 10 Family Games, 1996
  • USA, National Parenting Honours Award, 1996
  • Germany, "Spiel gut" Award, 1995
  • Paris toy fair, Best New Game, 1994
  • TeleVision and Radio

    You never know where or when Tantrix will appear next. Here are some clips from around the world.
       Russian Presentation (43MB)
    What is Tantrix (in Russian)
    Sep 2012
       German TV News (18MB)
    2011 Munich Toy Fair Coverage (in German)
    Nov 2011
       Dutch TV News (20MB)
    2011 World Tantrix Open Coverage (in Dutch)
    Oct 2011
       German TV News (7MB)
    2010 German Open Coverage (in German)
    Feb 2010
       2nd Dutch Spaghetti record
    2007 Record attempt (in Dutch) -  (Part A, 42Mb)  (B, 22Mb)  (C, 16Mb) Nov 2007
       Mike McManaway Interview (7MB)
    Radio NZ Interview with Mike after winning the world championship
    Nov 2007
       1st Dutch Spaghetti record (8MB)
    The record breaking 25,463 tile attempt (in Dutch)
    Dec 2006
       Israeli Survivor (5MB)
    Tantrix Discovery underwater Israeli reality TV (in Hebrew)
    Jan 2006
       Pre-historic Tantrix (16MB)
    Mike shows off the original version of Tantrix.
    May 1988


    Here is a selection of newspaper articles and reviews in English. Click on the headline and a scan of the article will be opened in a separate window. To read articles of non-english publications, please visit the national site of your country.

    Headline Publication Country
    Tantrix iPad Review TUAW.com Online
    Tantrix Tricks On Show Hawkesbury Courier Australia
    Tantrix makes mind games a real contest Edinburgh Evening News UK
    Best Toys The Independent UK
    Tantrix Review The Games Journal Online
    Game plan North and South magazine New Zealand
    Jamie online for Tantrix crown NZ Herald New Zealand
    A puzzler of a game The Nelson Mail New Zealand

    Publications and Academic Papers

    Not only is Tantrix entertaining, but the geometry of the game also attracts scientific curiousity. Here are a few of the academic papers written about the mathemtics of Tantrix.

    Title Author Country
    Monte Carlo Tree Search in the game of Tantrix (PDF, 1.1 MB) By Pete Bruns New Zealand
    Tantrix Rotation Puzzle Problem (PDF, 0.5 MB) By Dorothea Baumeister Germany
    A genetic algorithm to solve Tantrix puzzles (PDF, 0.7 MB) By Keith L. Downing Norway
    Proof of Solution to 'Longest Lines' puzzle By Jamie Sneddon New Zealand
    Program design for playing Trantrix (PDF, 1.1 MB) By Pieter Bolle Belgium
    Tantrix and the Yi Jing By Dr. Jay Dunbar USA
    One Hand Method for Counting Tiles (PDF 1.9 MB) By Dr. Jay Dunbar USA
    Tantrix Rock By Dave Barber USA

    Tantrix Variations

    The complexity of the tiles themselves have led some players to come up with their own variations on Tantrix.

    Title Author Country
    Tantrix Hold 'em Poker (PDF 1.1 MB) By Dr. Jay Dunbar USA
    Tantrix Loops (PDF .7 MB) By Dr. Jay Dunbar USA

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