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Current World Record

One hundred gifted elementary school students from the "Talentenlab" in Almere, The Netherlands, broke the world record of Tantrix Spaghetti on the weekend of 17th May 2014. Exactly 50,000 tiles were placed in 12 hours (also exactly) in vacant shop premises in the center of Almere, beating the previous record which had stood for six years.

The attempt was on behalf of the "Annemieke Timmerman Foundation", a foundation committed to helping young people with physical and mental disabilities. The 10.000 Ä raised goes towards funding a new interactive playground for their elementary school Olivijn.

After the event, the 50,000 tiles were cleaned and sorted into their rightful boxes in less than three hours - probably a record in itself!

The children that made it happen:

Daan Bootsman, Jasper de Vries, Alec Kleiman, Zirk Seljee, Bart den Boef, David Oosterom, Jan Zeinstra, Dave Rook, Lars Beugelink, Mike Reiziger, Bram Vlaar, Pepijn de Jong, Teun Los, Jonas Beije, Tim van Inge, Lukasz Spychaj, Niek Bremer, Andrew Messih, Maurits Buis, Carlos Viergever, Koen Vlaar, Olaf de Vos, Thomas van den Dungen, Emmie Tijhof, Rafael Kats, Melanie Messih, Camiel Ammar El Ghoul, Demko Vorenhout, Noah Waltje, Elise Zeinstra, Hela Azib, Fleur van Leeuwen, Maartje Bezemer, Lena Radt, Lute de Vos, ZoŽ Haire, Myrthe Koopman, Denitcha Misiedjan, Sem van Geene, Finn Curtin, Mychael Koelfat, Daniel Meijer, Keije Wieringa, Ruby Geessink, Sanna Coonen, Yentl de Jong, Tess Koekoek, Eva Endeman, Sindy de Jong, Caroline Messih, Erin de Vos, Amber van Damme, Lysanne Waltje, Bauke Nieuwenhuis, Julian Persaud, Mischa Radt, Giovanna Westerhoven, Iris Venhuis, Arlette Bruinsma, Jona Bedaux, Mees Wanschers, Minoushka van Leeuwen, Sem van Dijk, Kyllian van Leeuwen, Sadie Delintzis, Quinten Poppinga, Sem van Dijk, Joost Friderichs, Milo Camardese, Rozhano Hosseini, Nozhan Hosseini, Analy Meijer, Macha Meijer, Abel Meijer, Merel Langeveld, Melody Rampersad, Sytze Matthijse, Elianne Lekkerkerker, Sjoerd van der Graaf, Daan Herbert, Yasmin Kaldenbach, Noortje Kruijer, Ruben van der Heijden, Elise Wardenaar, Yvonne Verschoor, Lisan ten Hove, Sebastiaan Rietveld, Menno Wijkhuizen, Hylke Vogelaar, Thom Uittenbosch, Thomas Knoppers, Quinten Teiwes, Sebastian Burdorf, Nio Kleiman, Elke Seljee, Pascal Sprenger, Jonah Dokman, Stef Windt - congratulations!

More details and video clips of the event can be found on the media page.

Spaghetti mosaic for charity

In July 2008 an appealling new charity fundraiser was held in Bayreuth, Germany.

The annual "Bayreuth City Festival" was the setting for the first Tantrix Mosaic. All day long, festival goers added to the Tantrix Spaghetti. Children and adults alike were fitting tiles until the late hours of the night. The tiles were glued to a series of boards to create a mosaic. The finished work stretched over 10m long.

The next day, the final mosaic of over 8000 tiles was sold to raise money for World Children's Day.

2007 World Record - the Netherlands - 43,544 Tiles

Spaghetti was invented in Asia and perfected in Italy but it is the Dutch who just can't seem to get enough of it. On the 23rd November, 2007 a group of Dutch students smashed the world record for Tantrix Spaghetti at the Spellenspektakel Game Fair in Zwolle, Netherlands.

Sixty middle-school students from the Helen Parkhurst School assaulted the record again this year. They were supervised by their Mathematics teacher and Master Tantrix player Onno van Elsacker.

Since the rules for breaking the record allow you to involve as many people as possible for the twelve hour period, the students increased their ranks by 33% over last year's squad. Also on hand to help were a number of Dutch Tantrix Masters and regular players.

To make the record even more of a challenge, the students decided to include several words in the Spaghetti pattern, such as the record's year, the name of their school, their website, and thanks to those who helped.

The attempt was launched at 5:30 am when Sinterklaas stopped by from the North Pole to lay the first tile. Twelve hours later the deputy mayor of Zwolle had the honour of laying the final tile. In between, the previous record had been shattered by over 18,000 tiles.

2006 - the Netherlands - 25,463 Tiles

On the 8th of December 2006, a group of dedicated Dutch students successfully broke the world record for Tantrix Spaghetti at the DoeMare Shopping Center in Almere, Netherlands.

Under the guidance of Mathematics teacher and Master Tantrix player Onno van Elsacker, 45 middle-school students from the Helen Parkhurst School aspired to break the record. Their attempt took the full twelve hours allowed and was successful in the end. The students were ably assisted not only by their parents, but many international Tantrix players who came along to support their attempt.

The event was also used to raise money for the "Foundation AAP", which cares for primates previously used in medical research. For a small donation, passers-by were allowed to place a tile and help break the record. The final tile was placed by the foundation director, David van Gennep. He was proud to be given the honour and delighted to accept the 1,500 € the event was able to raise.

The rules for Spaghetti records are fairly simple. Use as many people as you like, to put together as many tiles as you can! You have a maximum of 12 hours from start to finish, and no colour matching mistakes are allowed. 4-colour tiles must be used in approximately equal quantities and they must contain multiples of all 56 different Tantrix tiles. The current grand total of 25,463 tiles more than doubles the previous record and throws down the gauntlet to others thinking about undertaking an attempt.

2005 - Spain - 11,096 tiles

On the 7th of July 2005, the entrants of the Spanish Tantrix Festival decided the time was ripe for an assault on the Tantrix Spaghetti record. The festival was held in L'Escala - a picturesque catalan beach town on the spanish Costa Brava. The old record had stood for almost three years and the festival had pulled enough top international players to give it a go.

To make matters even more challenging the attempt was to be held outside, rain or shine. A more formalized set of rules had been defined since the previous record, and those rules were now applied for the first time - including a strict 12-hour time limit and no colour-matching errors whatsoever.

No previous attempt had as many good players available to help control the public. Luckily, the weather held and a few locals (and one small dog) pitched in and the record never stood a chance.

2001 - Australia - 5,910 tiles

Three Australians broke the record on the 21 of October, 2001.

The enthusiastic trio - John Hanley, David Fyfe and Bethwyn Gibbs - laid down 5,910 matching tiles in 24 hours. The Tantrix eventually measured over 4 metres long and 2 metres across, breaking the French record which had stood since 1999. The event was a fund raiser in conjunction with the "Annual West Australian Telethon" and the money raised went to the Children's Hospital fund.

The venue was the Bunbury Forum Shopping Centre, three hours south of Perth. The main obstacle standing in the way, was that the mall turned out the lights at 8pm and the threesome were not allowed back in until 7am the next morning. With very sore backs and legs, the task was completed the following day and the record broken by a slim margin just on closing time of the Telethon.

1999 - France - 5,486 tiles

On the 20th of May 1999, only a few months after the initial record was first set in New Zealand, Laurent Berguin led a record breaking attempt in Ajaccio, Corsica in conjunction with the "Festival des Jeux d'Ajaccio". The team was successful and managed to bring the record to France.

The Spaghetti records were here to stay.

In addition to actual record attempts, the original event in Nelson also inspired occasional fun events to be organized, generally with the main focus to use the Spaghetti to outline and fill interesting shapes. One such event on a greater scale took place in Finland. The surprised visitors of a shopping mall in Helsinki found themselves involved in the creation of a huge Tantrix Spaghetti in the shape of Finland!
1998 - New Zealand - 2,500 tiles

The first ever Spaghetti event!

Over the course of three busy days, nearly one thousand residents of Nelson, New Zealand had been invited to help set the record for the world's largest Tantrix Spaghetti. Eventually, by Sunday the 11th of October 1998, a world record was set.

Under the watchful eye of Tantrix inventor Mike McManaway, visitors to the "Nelson Home and Leisure Show" had been drafted in to lay two or three tiles each and help create a huge Tantrix Spaghetti, in the end consisting of 2500 tiles.

Guidelines for Tantrix Spaghetti

1. An official controller should be present for the duration of the event.
2. The maximum allowed time for the record attempt is 12 hours.
3. There is no limit as far as the number of participants is concerned.
4. No single mistake is allowed. All colours must match.
5. The spaghetti must be at least 50 tiles wide along the whole of its length.

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