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Beach Tantrix

Costa Brava 5.-10. July 2005

The first "International Festival of Tantrix" was held in the beach town of L'Escala on the Spanish Costa Brava during the summer of 2005. The festival consisted of quick encounter games, an international Doubles Championship, a new Tantrix Spaghetti World Record and the the first Spanish Open. Players from 10 different countries braved the heat to join in on the fun.

Festival report

Doubles Championship

The Catalan Doubles Championship was played on a glorious Spanish evening at the Plaza Catalunya. 16 players entered with a good mix of cross countries represented by eight exotic team names. Francois' team (Bread with oil in Catalan) got off to a good start and was leading by 10 points going into the final match. However the Mala Chicas (Marina and Octavi's daughter Laia) scored an healthy 38 points in their final game and won the title.

Amigos(Shusek-Spain, Lorene-France) 20 24 29 21total =84
Cerveza y Tapas(Flacky-France, Bdot-NZ) 24 23 23 14total =84
Double Yan (YanM-France, Jan-Holland) 10 26 26 30 total =92
Dutch Connection(Mikem-NZ, Pauline-Holland) 20 30 23 21total =94
Central Europe(Leslie-Hungary, Tomek-Poland) 21 23 22 35total =101
Pam amb oli(Francois-France, Isabelle-France) 34 20 30 22total =106
Laipo(Nuria-Spain, Spirit-Spain) 21 24 26 36total =107
Mala (Marina-NZ, Laia-Spain) 21 22 29 38 total =110

Tantrix spaghetti

On the third day of the tournament an attempt was made on the World Record for creating Tantrix Spaghetti. The rules for Spaghetti records are fairly simple. Use as many people as you like, to put together as many tiles as you can! You have a maximum of 12 hours from start to finish, and no colour matching mistakes are allowed. 4 colour tiles must be used in approximately equal quantities (not only 3) and must contain multiples of all 56 tiles. Suffice to say that no previous record attempt would have had as many good players available to help control the public, so not surprisingly the previous record set in Australia was smashed and the new record is now 11,237 tiles.

UPDATE - This record was surpassed in December 2006. Details here.

History of Tantrix Spaghetti Records

October 1998, Nelson, New Zealand - 2500 tiles
May 1999, Corsica, France - 5486 tiles
October 2001, Perth, Australia - 5910 tiles
July 2005, L'Escala, Spain - 11,237 tiles
December 2006, Almere, Netherlands - 25,463 tiles

small dog spaghetti spaghetti record

Spanish Open

20 players from France, Spain, Holland, Poland, Hungary, NZ, Australia, Sweden, Denmark and Germany entered the Spanish Open during the festival week. The rules were a little more casual than normal - clocks were not used and players were allowed to play whoever they liked with a limit of one game per person, ie nobody could play the same player twice. However, only your best 10 scores (TP's) counted and any player completing less than 6 games was disqualified. Flacky, the recent winner of the French Open, dominated the tournament right from the start, winning his first 6 games in a row, and was the overall deserved winner.

Spanish Open ladies Spanish Open
Spanish Open men Mike Lost

Final Results
PositionPlayer Total TP'sGames played
1Flacky 162.610
2Schwabe 155.910
3Lorene 154.910
4Francois 154.510
5Bdot 140.510
6Oskar 116.210
7Mikem 114.910
8Leslie 110.810
9Helena 105.410
10Marina 97.910
11YanM 95.610
12Shusek 88.39
13MadMax 87.810
14Jan 82.89
15Laia 82.410
16Peter 69.910
17Angie 57.38
18Spirit 54.28
19Pauline 34.86
20Nuria 34.08

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