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2007 Australian Open

2007 Australian Table Championship

The 2007 Australian Open was held on 8-9 December, 2007 in Windsor, Australia. Organised by Dave Kenny, it was the 1st Australian Table Championship ever, and overall the ninth Open of 2007. Eleven entrants from three different countries took part. In the end Jungle Payne of New Zealand took the winner's trophy back across the Tasman Sea.

1. Place:  Jungle Payne (NZ)
2. Place:  Brad Kast (AUS)
3. Place:  Mike McManaway (NZ)
Back row: DanT, Mikem, Jungle, Kasty, Charlie112

Front row: Lytnin, Metallor, Bdot, Brainless, Zorpolotta, Kot


The commentary on the Australian Open is courtesy of the champion Junlge Payne, whose recollections seem a bit fuzzy. Take it away, Jungle.

Ten games a day for two days, they collapse into a blur of tiles and trouble whenever I try to think about them. What remains clear?

• The good humour and relaxed, friendly attitude of the players and our hosts David and Janelle.

• The tasty food, breakfast and lunches supplied and the great dining out in Windsor, including what is claimed to be Australia's first pub to still be doing business, the Macquarie Arms.

• The lovely architecture of Sydney and old town Windsor.

• Oh yes, I won the tournament and status as honourary Australian 'mate', at least until the next tournament I bet, too, I stirred up a strong desire among the Aussies to come over here for the 2008 New Zealand Open in late March. Bring 'em on!

• My 'secrets' of winning? Not too hard to list:
- My training team: familyguy (Scottie Smith), elcuchillo (Simon Pannell) and DbleAce (Dave Burns); thanks guys! Playing Table once or twice a week for the past year has really improved my game.

- Mental staying power adequate to play tournament-level table for seven hours a day.

- Massive quantities of caffeine.

- As much luck as everyone else.
• Best game of the tournament? The second day's draw put me against Kasty (who had been leading in first place to my second practically the entire tournament) in the final round, with TPs so close (Brad in first with 242 TPs, me with 232.2) that the one game was truly the decider. My final tournament margin was only 2.2 TPs.

• Congrats to Brad and Mike for their placings, too, see you in Nelson!

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Last update: December, 2007