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Before registering, we recommend you read the short introduction on how to play Tantrix online. Please also read our site policy which can be found below. By visiting the Tantrix lobby you agree to comply with this policy. You will need a java-enabled browser to play.

As a registered player you can use the login buttons located in the top right corner of all pages. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry to play a quick game, we recommend you sign in as a guest player and play against one of the resident Robots. To login as a guest, no registration is required.

New player registration

To register, choose a nick name and a password to protect this name. Use between 3 and 10 characters, A-Z and 0-9 only. Limit yourself to one account please! Duplicate accounts will be deleted. We try to conceal and protect your password, but can not guaratee it to be 100% secure, so please use common sense and avoid passwords that could be sensitive in any way.

Name:        Password:        Confirm Password:    (Type again)

Finally, enter your full name, email address and choose your country and preferred language. Double check your email address - it is the only way for you to recover your password later.

Full name:
Email: I agree to have one account only at Tantrix.com

You will need to have Java installed to play Tantrix online. If Java doesn't appear to be working on your PC, try installing it from here. Follow the instructions on the Java installation page. Download is free and easy.

Our site policy

Tantrix.com is a non-profit site, committed to providing a friendly environment for players and spectators. Your help in observing the following rules will be appreciated.


The game lobby is a public place. Your comments can be read by other players, so be polite. If somebody else's chatter is annoying you: Mute them. Once you have muted a player, they can no longer speak to you nor invite you to a game. Mute a player by right-clicking their name tag and selecting "Ignore chat from...". It goes without saying that we will ban players who verbally abuse others. Please report them to us.

Multiple accounts

You are entitled to register one account per player. We reserve the right to delete multiple accounts without prior notification. Players are encouraged to be honest about their identity - even if the internet allows you to pretend otherwise. However, if you prefer to play anonymously, please log in as a guest player.

Fair play

Please don't cheat. Players caught cheating are likely to be banned from the site. The most common problem is when a losing player deliberately quits the game. In this case we allow you to let Robot take over their position. This should only be done after a short wait as the crash may have been accidental. Most players are fair and return to resume the game immediately after crashing.

To let Robot take over, click on the menu item "Action" and "Let the Robot play for ". You can now play out the game. The score robot achieved on behalf of the crashed player will effect their ranking as if they had finished the game themselves. If a player regularly quits games, please report them to us.

Fair play also includes respecting your opponent's time. Master and tournament games are played with a strict time limit of 15 minutes for each player. Standard lobby games have no time limit, yet most players will appreciate it if you play without delays. Playing fast while making good decisions is a useful skill to develop.

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Last update: March, 2017