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Tantrix Tournament Records


Thousands of games have been played under tournament conditions since the first official World Championship in 1999. This page lists all tournament records that have been set along the way.

Some of these records are amazing and will probably stand for years to come but some are still well within reach. The level of competition in tournaments gets higher every year and it will be a difficult task to better any of these records but maybe, just maybe, you could win more than 24 tournament games in a row?

Record pages are not updated automatically and with many different tournaments being played, it is easy to miss a record. So if you think you have broken one, please send us an email listing all relevant information. We will review your game and update the record book if applicable.

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Tournament Records - Online
Youngest Winner Juniors Hidde Ozinga 9y 6m 2005 World Juniors
Youngest Winner Alex Kowalczyk 12y 11m 1999 Masters
Highest Margin Josh Button 50 2003 Aus Group C 62-12 v kromby
TP % : >10 Games Yoseph Phillips 79% 2004 Asian/African 284.3 TPs / 360
TP % Online Group Jasper de Vries 82% 2015 World Juniors 343.1 TPs / 420
2game Match TPs Matt Peek 37.2 2001 NZ Group A 37.2-2.8 v Gizelle
3game Match TPs Greg Kenny 57.5 2008 World Champs 57.5-2.5 v MuslimGuy
4game Match TPs Graeme Jolliffe 68.3 2001 World Champs 68.3-11.7 v franck
5game Match TPs Francois Pacull 83.7 2004 Plate R2 83.7-16.3 v Boub
6game Match TPs Attila Mikulan 104.9 2009 Hungarian 104.9-15.1 v Pierre286
7game Match TPs Viktoria Dobos 110.5 2004 World Champs 110.5-29.5 v lorene
8game Match TPs Niklas Andersson 120.4 2009 World Champs 120.4-39.6 v Kasty
9game Match TPs Matt Peek 115.3 2003 World Champs 115.3-64.7 v scoop
10game Match TPs Rob Morton 107.5 2004 World Champs 107.5-92.5 v mikem
Highest Game Score Shengyuan Wang 66 2010 AsAf 66-30 v milk
Highest Combined Game Score JeeDee 106 2021 Dutch Champs 54-52 v benopi
Best Defence Igor Wilk 5 2008 Spanish Champs 26-5 v Spirit
Quickest Win Barnabas Horvath 1m 18s 2015 Euro 22-19 v djoox
Most Consecutive Wins Tamas Gombkoto 24 games 09 WTTC - 09 ETC
Longest Undefeated Run Matt Peek 26 games 2001 WTC/2002 NZ
Most Consecutive WTC Match Wins Matt Peek 22 matches 2001-2004 WTC
Online TGs Won in 24 hours Bhavic Nana 7 wins 1999 African R2-4,6,7,9,11
Online TGs Played in 24 hours Mike McManaway 24 games 2008 New Zealand Round 1
Most tiles played in one turn Simon Wright 33 tiles 2009 WTTC Shunter v Pellepen
Most draws in a match 1kornik21 v Zorpolotta 5 draws 2012 WTTC
Largest Tournament 2006 World Champs 192 entrants

Tournament Records - Table
Highest TP % overall Iris Gil 84% 2017 Spanish Open
Oldest Winner Jungle Payne 54 2007 Australian Open
Youngest Winner Niklas Andersson 15 2004 Swedish Open
Largest Tournament 2014 World Table Open 50 entrants 2014 World Table Open
Most Masters at One Tournament 2014 World Table Open 37 Masters 2014 World Table Open
Most Table Tournament Wins Rob Morton 4 British Open 04 and 08, German 07, Dutch 08
Most Titles Held Concurrently Rick Yagodich 3 Swedish Open 07, German 08, Hungarian 08
Most Table Tournaments Attended Ben Polman 43 WTC 2000 - Today

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