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For most puzzles, the objective is to make a loop of a specific colour using all available tiles. The puzzle environment allows you to interactively rearrange the tiles with your mouse (click and drag). Whenever tiles touch, the colours of connecting links must match! The final solution must be without holes. For example, if your objective were to "Form a blue loop using all four tiles" then a correct solution would be to place the tiles as follows:

The solution shows a blue loop, uses all four tiles and has all links (such as the internal yellow lines) matching. There is only one possible solution for this puzzle using those specific tiles, disregarding permutations. Other puzzles which have more tiles may have multiple solutions, where the shape of the loop varies.

No holes

To illustrate the "no holes" rule, consider the following set of 10 tiles.

Let's choose the colour yellow and form a loop with all 10 tiles.

Not correct

This arrangement is incorrect. It does not use all 10 tiles and also forms a hole in the middle. A correct solution using yellow is shown below:


That's it, enjoy!

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