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About the Robot Challenge

A new robot challenge is started every month. The challenge is to beat the robot by the largest possible margin, knowing that the sequence of tiles is always the same. You can therefore plan the game based on perfect knowledge of what tiles will be available next. Except for the fixed tile order, play is the same as in regular games. However, there is no change in your ranking (win or lose), and no penalty for quitting a game early.

You can use review rooms to replay challenge games and plot your strategy for a better outcome. Challenge games all have names starting with C!

An image of the latest results will appear in a separate window if you click the link below. The graph represents the outcome of games played in "Robot Challenge" rooms, which you can start from within the lobby. Given that the sequence of tiles is always the same, it is possible to go back and correct mistakes, eventually arriving at the "best possible game result". There are 8 different games available, based on your choice of colour and whether Robot goes first.

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