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2009 German Open

2009 German Table Championship

The 2009 German Open was held on 31 January - 1 February, 2009 in Berlin, Germany. Organized by Klaus Quecke and Susi Rieger, it was the 5th German Table Championship. It had the distinction of being the first Tantrix Table Tournament of 2009. Twenty-nine entrants from eight different countries took part. The trophy was captured by Marek Reniers who after toiling for years without a podium finish won two Opens in three months.

1. Place:  Marek Reniers (POL)
2. Place:  Attila Mikulán ITM (HUN)
3. Place:  Péter Kovács (HUN)

Champion's Report

I am very happy to write my second report from an Open Championship so soon after the previous one. It’s very lucky and quite amazing. It was my 5th German Open (only me and Ben have participated in all GOs). I like the GO because the journey is very fast (only 6 hours) and of course it’s always supremely well organized by Susi & Klaus.

Friday evening began with a visit to The Liebig museum. I was late, so I joined all the players in Justus restaurant (I’d been to the Liebig museum at the 2nd GO, I hope I didn’t lose much)
As always my first game was the real jitters, I won my match with Onno, but 1 got 1 time penalty.

Later with every win I was closer advancing the Finals. It was like shooting in the biathlon, nine on nine (windless weather), precision every inch. Before the last two games I was sure to get to the Finals, who wouldn't like such a moment…? You can play, then lay back and the game is coming off better then.

Saturday evening we spent at the Hotel Linde. The German food is always delicious and at the same time very tasty. We all played some games.
I started with a very good wining game against Vincent. In the 2nd round I lost my first and last game with Attila. Our match was a high quality game, we both got time penalties.

The decider came before the last round with Monika. For the first few moves I wasn’t lucky, she had a beautiful 28 loop, but without connections, than I made the very treacherous move. She had block after about 18-20 moves till the end of the game. Finally I won 17.2-2.7, Blick & Mizo lost their game, so before the last round I was in a comfortable situation. I was leading by 13,5 points. I had no choice but to take advantage of that such a situation

So my second success became the reality! I couldn’t believe it happened just after Swedish Open Apparently some magic power was on my side.
Susi & Klaus – Thank you for whole tournament, it was very well organized. I hope to see you all next year in Giessen. My closing words are directed at two special people. I dedicate my Victory from GO for you. Without you, I couldn’t have played so great.

Marek Reniers

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