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The three most popular Tantrix puzzles - Solitaire, Discovery and Xtreme have been launched at Shockwave.com.

Shockwave is a world-leading provider of interactive online games and their software is particularly suited to graphical applications like Tantrix. To play the puzzles, you will need the latest Shockwave Player which is included in most browsers. If the player is not yet installed on your system, download it from Adobe's download page. It's free.

High quality graphics and a neat scoring system (your best 5 scores in a row) make Tantrix Solitaire the most compelling puzzle of the trio. Find out how good you are in relation to Shockwave's many players. Naturally we expect the Tantrix regulars to wipe the floor with the competition from Shockwave! To keep track of Tantrix versus Shockwave players, you might like to use your Tantrix nick name when registering.
Tantrix at Shockwave The Puzzles in detail

Tantrix Discovery: Designed for players new to Tantrix. Begin with 3 tiles and continue to 14 whilst building loops of various shapes and sizes. The program tracks your solution time and your fastest speed for each level is permanently recorded.

Tantrix Xtreme: The Discovery for experts. A similar puzzle sequence, but no colour-clues are given. Again, your best times are permanently recorded for each successfully solved level.

Tantrix Solitaire: Recommended! This is the one for Tantrix players. The program shuffles all 14 tiles randomly and it's your job to connect them up for the highest score. Loops score twice as many points as lines. A cute, interactive tutorial explains all the rules and strategy. Think of Solitaire as being half way between a Tantrix puzzle and the full strategy game.

Your average scores are collected in a "frequency table" from where you can submit your most recent sequence of 5 scores to the Shockwave scoring system and compare yourself to some of the other 30 million registered players at the site. You will need great skill and some luck to get a perfect score.

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