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Discovery Puzzle

We recommend you read the short introduction to online puzzles before you start solving them. The board which launches contains the most popular Tantrix puzzle - the Discovery. It consists of a sequence of challenges, starting with an easy level and gradually getting harder. You need a java enabled browser to play. The puzzle times that appear in the message window are an average of multiple online attempts. Solution times using real tiles are usually slower. Good luck!

It may take a few moments for the puzzle to load.

Puzzle hints

To move a tile

Click and drag the tile to a new location.

To rotate a tile

Click one side of the tile -- right side for clockwise rotation, left side for counter-clockwise rotation.

To move the board    

Click and drag on the board.

To display just one color    

Click and hold the mouse button on the colour square to highlight.

Other notes

  • You can click on the zoom buttons (Z) to increase or reduce the size of the tiles.
  • The puzzle will automatically detect and notify you of a correct solution.
  • The timer starts when the first tile is moved and stops when a solution is found.

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Last update: April, 2017