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Qualification criteria

How do I qualify? The following qualification criteria apply to the "Lobby Master" title and are designed to ensure a good level of play and commitment. The number of Masters is limited to 100, effectively representing the current top 100 Tantrix players in the world. Master status is not guaranteed for life. Players who no longer meet the criteria due to inactivity, unsporting behaviour or poor performance may be demoted.

To become a Master, a player needs to:

  • Have gained 950 points in the lobby ranking in good style.
  • Have demonstrated their ability against a variety of players.
  • Have participated in at least one ELO rated Tantrix tournament.
  • Have developed a reputation for honest and friendly play with a clean record.
  • Provide a few biographical details for the Master database and pass a short questionnaire.
  • Decide on a player name which will represent them longterm.

Maintaining Master status

To keep your Master status current you will need to play regularly - a minimum of 5 Master games every 3 months. You will also need to keep your personal details up-to-date, so you can be contacted. If a Master is found to be cheating, they are risking demotion, even if it is unrelated to Master games. Dropping below 950 in the lobby ranking after the initial qualification will have no effect on your Master status.


There are 3 possible reasons for demotion: inactivity, least performing Master, and un-masterlike behaviour.

Inactivity: Players who have not been active are likely to drop off the Master list. To be considered active, a player needs to have played at least 5 Master games over any 3-month period. Exceptions can be made for players who are overseas for long periods and for other special cases (upon request). If your name is on the list of inactive masters, yet you'd like to keep your Master status, we recommend you play! Inactive Masters are demoted ahead of low-ranked Masters.

Least performing Master: If none of the 100 Masters is deemed inactive at the time of a new candidate's qualification, then the lowest ranked player in the Master ranking will be demoted.

Behaviour: Masters can lose their title anytime if they behave unfairly or unsportingly. Master accounts can also be put on hold temporarily, eg if a Master has become uncontactable and no effort is made to provide up-to-date contact details.


It is possible for players who have dropped off the Master list to requalify. A 3-month stand down period applies, during which the demoted Master needs to be active. To regain a Master title, normal qualification criteria apply, but a higher lobby ranking of at least 970 needs to have been reached in good style against a fair cross-section of players. If demotion was due to low rank, the Master ranking will be reset to 1000 upon requalification. Master players demoted for other reasons will retain their old ranking when requalifying.

Please note that all the above rules affect Lobby Master titles only (LM) and NOT the tournament-based Master titles - namely International Tantrix Master (ITM) and Tantrix Grand Master (TGM) titles - which are based on more stringent criteria and are held for life.

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Last update: January, 2012